The ultimate one day team effort to challenge the value of your project.

A VE Workshop is a very pragmatical and effective way to apply Value Engineering (VE). We use the core principles of the succesful methodology, but translated it into a hands on approach. This makes it possible to improve the value of projects significantly, with a relatively short time investment. The core principles are the assembling of a multidisciplinary team, the focus on “actual needs” (functions) and the way of generating ideas.

VE workshop

Value is performance diveded by cost​

Value = Performance ÷ Cost

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a systematic and structured approach to improve projects. It helps achieve balance between required functions, performance, quality, safety, and scope with the cost and other resources necessary to accomplish those requirements. The proper balance results in the maximum value for the project.

The VE Workshop

Based on this successful method, we developed a very pragmatic workshop which helps you to improve the value of your project with a relatively short (1 to 1,5 day) team effort.

Watch our short video explaining the core principles of our VE Workshop.

Watch Harrie van Echteld of FrieslandCampina, explaining the basis and benefits of VE Workshops.


We are proud to execute VE Workshops for some major companies and organisations.

FrieslandCampina is one of the largest dairy companies in the world. Together with FrieslandCampina and its operating companies, we organised and facilitated more than 100 VE Workshops worldwide. Most of them in Europe, but also in growing markets in Africa and Asia.

Our customers define three major benefits through appliance of VE Workshops:

  1. The financial value effect of the workshops is 5 to 10 %
  2. The understanding and support of the projects increased significantly
  3. The sharing of knowledge between colleagues of different locations is very valuable

We only work with the best and most experienced VE professionals. You may expect a professional VE facilitator, with extensive experience with our VE approach at large companies and organisations. We assure that you get the best facilitator, depending on your environment and project content. We are following the Dutch platform of Cost and Value Management, DACE, and their Special Interest Group (SIG) Value Management. We execute the workshops in Dutch and English.